Thursday, July 11, 2013

May Arts Design Team Round 2 - Boho Headbands

I've been growing my hair out for some time and it's finally at the point where I can braid it and style it all kinds of ways. I find that a lot of the headbands on the market are too tight for my head and end up giving me a headache within an hour of wearing them and are not quite my style or the ones that are my style, aren't in my budget. For my last design team tryout submission I decided to make some headbands to add to my collection using a variety of May Arts Ribbons and Trims. Each one of these headbands is measured to fit my head perfectly so there's no worries of headaches!

There are 3 different headbands which can be worn alone or with any one of the 5 interchangeable clips. I also made a boho head wrap and I have pictures to share with you on how I made all of them!

This first one I called the Golden Leaf Braided Headband.

I used the Aqua 5/8" Twill for the band and wrapped the ends with the Natural Burlap String. I took three equal lengths of the twill and stitched them over an elastic band then braided them loosely. The clip on this band is made with the Suede Leaves in the golden brown colour. Once I was finished building the leaves up I added a wooden button tied with more of the burlap string and then finished the back off with some alligator clips so it can be taken off and used on another band. This one kind of has a Grecian feeling to it.

This next one I called the Twill Lace Headband.

It uses the same Aqua Twill as the above headband as well as some of the Suede Flowers, but this time in the cream colour. It also uses the 3/8" Cream Crochet Trim. I took a couple of the suede flowers, hot glued them together, stitched a couple of buttons together on top of them and then added an alligator clip to the back of it. For the band itself, I stitched the cream crochet trim over the center of the aqua twill then wrapped and stitched the edges over the elastic bands.

This one is my Denim and Linen Rose Headband.

For this one I used some of the new 5/8" Denim ribbon in the blue, the 1.5" Faux Linen in the light brown and the 1.5" Net in cream. The band is simple, the denim stitched over the elastics with a bit of the denim wrapped around the edges for a clean look. For the rolled rose I used my circle die to cut a few circles out of the faux linen and one out of the net. I glued 6 of the faux linen circles together to make a base, tied a knot in the end of my ribbon and started rolling and gluing until I had the rose made. I topped it with the net circle, stitched a bead in the center then glued in some aqua beads around the center bead. This also has an alligator clip glued to the back of it.

Here are a couple of the other clips I made for the above headbands. 

This first one is a simple double layered lace flower using that same cream crochet trim as above. It has a pretty wooden button glued in the center and an alligator clip glued to the back...easy peasy.

This one is my shabby flower.
I took that same faux linen as above and cut a bunch more circles out, this time free handed. I did 2 of 4 different sizes, glued them all together, scrunching the 2nd layer of each flower as I went and then gluing another wooden button to the center.

This last one was my favorite and the most boho piece of them all.  It's not a headband per say, more of a head wrap.

For this one I used the same crochet trim and suede leaves as above, along with the Satin String in a copper colour and the Suede String in the dark brown. I took the lace, satin and suede strings, measured around my head and doubled them over. Where the loop was, I added a length of satin string which will act as one of the ties. I wrapped the loop in some cotton thread, hot glued the end of it, then braided the trims together. At the end of the braid I put a dab of hot glue on the trims, then fold the lace only over another length of the satin string then hot glue that down. I cut off the excess suede and satin string from the braid and wrapped the end in the cotton thread like I did the first end. For the danglies, I used some blown glass beads and some weighted suede leaves. I cut one leaf open - they are double layered and only glued on the edge - so I was able to weight it with a penny. Then I glued a 2nd leaf to it, to sandwich the penny between them, punched a hole in one end, added some jump rings and tied it to the satin string. I weighted the leaves down so they didn't get stuck in my hair and get blown around by the wind, on their own they are too light.

So here is what each finished piece looks like on me! I love them all and I think I will be making some more of these...a bunch of interchangeable bands and clips. One for every mood I'm in!

I hope you enjoyed these tutorials and hopefully you've been inspired to make your own. 

Keep your fingers crossed for me, I'll find out at the end of July if I made it onto the May Arts Design Team. In the meantime, these will be up on the May Arts Blog on the 15th of July along with all the other finalists projects so make sure you go check them out! 


  1. LOVE THEM!!!!! I need a lacy one please :)

  2. These headbands are all adorable! Very nice :)

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the all! Good luck Jas!!